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Rose Quartz Ring - Chakra Jewelry - Celtic Jewelry - 14K Gold Plated Rose Quartz Ring

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A Rose Quartz Ring can mean a lot. We made a collection just for the Rose Quartz Ring because of this. Love is what the Rose Quartz Ring stands for. This beautifully crafted Rose Quartz Ring is stylish and trendy and epitomizes what the Rose Quarts Ring stands for. Pink and gold are an unexpectedly stunning combination. The rose cut of our Rose Quartz Ring creates a beautiful faceted surface. This beautiful 14k gold filled ring is great for any occasion thanks to its open bezel setting.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, which is a fun fact. Our Rose Quartz Ring collection shows the power that the rose quartz crystal can give to people who want more love in their lives or who want to love themselves more. Just because of this, our Rose Quartz Ring collection is the best if you want to find love. Some people say that a diamond is the true love stone, but we think the rose quartz is the true love stone. That's why we love our Rose Quartz Ring collection.

Wearing jewelry made of Rose Quartz is a powerful and symbolic way to connect with the energy of the stone all day long. Your Rose Quartz Ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings can be a reminder to live in a love-filled state, because when you radiate love, you will get it back. By wearing a Rose Quartz ring, you can keep the energy of this crystal flowing through your personal energy space. For example, when you wear a Rose Quartz ring, the stone sends out high vibrations of love to help you always love yourself.

We ship worldwide and we ALWAYS have free shipping to the US and Canada. We provide excellent customer service, and we have one of the best 5-Year Money Back Guarantees in the online business. We hope you enjoy our Rose Quartz Ring collection as much as we do. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you're seeking a gift for a particular someone in your life or for yourself, with the beauty, craftmanship, and care that are put into each item of our Celtic Irish jewelry, you will be pleased and satisfied. Order your beautiful piece of hand-crafted Chakra Jewelry today.

The Specs:

Metal: 14 K Gold Filled

Gemstone: 9x7 mm Rose Quartz

Carat: 1.35

Ring Grade: 1.5 mm - 14 GA


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