The Irish Hat was first brought to North America by immigrants from Ireland and England back in the 1400's. They were also known as flat caps and soon took on the name of a driver cap by the taxi drivers in New York City. The Irish hat, or flat cap, used to be called a bonnet but that name changed quickly as you can imagine. There are many styles of Irish hats, however, the flat cap is the most recognizable and still very popular among men and women today.  

Believe it or not, Ireland does not have what they call a traditional Irish hat. They were initially made popular in Ireland because of the ability to protect you from the elements such as the sun, wind, and rain. 

Over the years, this Irish hat has been worn by men, women, and children of all ages and of all classes and cultures. Of course, one of the most popular locations for the Irish hat known as the flat cap is Ireland.  Another fashionable style for this hat is called a newsboy hat. The Irish hat is typically crafted using only the finest quality wool or tweed. 

Irish hats and flat caps can now be seen being worn by all classes, men and women alike, in Ireland, Britian, and the United States. The Irish hat has become an iconic fashion statement throughout the world. 

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