Our Irish Kilt collection offers stylish and quality craftmanship. Our Irish Kilt collection has everything you need if you are looking for traditional or modern Irish Kilt clothing or accessories. Our Irish Kilt collection was designed with you in mind to embrace the Celtic Irish heritage and designed for Celtic, Irish, Scottish, and Highlander formal or social events. Our Irish Kilt collection is suitable for men, women, and children of any age who are looking for Celtic, Irish, or Scottish attire. There are many differences between the Irish Kilt and the Scottish Kilt.  However, both countries take pride in wearing their kilts to recognize and symbolize their strong Celtic heritage.

An Irish kilt is a knee-length skirt that wraps around and has heavy pleats on the sides and back. It is usually made of worsted wool and has a tartan pattern. Although the kilt is most often worn by men on formal occasions and at matches in the Central Highlands and other sporting events, it has also been adapted into men's casual wear, going back to its origins. It's like a daily wear.  Kilts are now made in a variety of styles and patterns for casual wear and special occasions. Alternate lanyards and inserted pockets can be used to avoid the need for a carrying bag. Kilts have now become adopted by women.

Wearing a kilt from our Irish Kilt collection, means you must be respectful of the tradition.  Whether you're wearing an Irish kilt or any other style kilt, you would be wise to learn the proper way to wear it so that wearing it the proper way, will be less of a hassle for you. While you should not walk about in an Irish kilt barefoot, please keep in mind that regardless of legends and myths, you must wear underpants.

Before you do anything else, put the knee-high kilt hose on. Garters, flashes, and kilt hose are worn (colored ribbons). Keep flashes with kilts. Attach garters and flashes below the knee. The kilt hose should be folded down to just below the knee, three to four fingers below the garter, and pulled over the garter so that a small amount of skin is exposed. Make the necessary adjustments so that the two flashes are in sync.

Choose the method you like best.

 High-Front Tie First, measure your laces. Make half a knot, keep tension on the laces, wrap them around the back of your ankle, twist once or twice, and then again around the front (sometimes around the rear twice, depending on laces length) to make an X. Then attach it to the shin bone using a Half Hitch Bow.

The Low Tie: Repeat the High-Front tie steps, but scrunch everything down around your ankle instead of up your leg. This way, tie a bow or half hitch bow.

Attach the sporran. The front of a kilt normally has a leather or fur sporran. Your kilt's rear loops secure the sporran strap. The sporran should hang 1 hand breadth below the waist belt and be centered. If not, wear the sporran behind you and buckle it in front. Swing it so the sporran is on your abdomen.

Pin your favorite kilt. Only pin your kilt pin through the front apron. Pin it 4" (10 cm) above the hem and 2" (5 cm) in from the side. The kilt pin's weight keeps it from fluttering in a breeze, protecting your modesty.

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