Our collection of Celtic Tree of Life Jewelry symbolizes wisdom and longevity. Our Tree of Life jewelry collection symbolizes the cycle of life and rebirth, and according to our research, it is the symbol of unity and oneness with nature and is a modernized interpretation of the symbol. Tree of Life Jewelry has different meanings for different individuals. Our Tree of Life Jewelry collection offers the wearer of these beautifully crafted pieces, a decorative element with the Celtic culture in mind. The Tree of Life Jewelry collection also is designed with intricate detail, artistically depicted in each beautifully designed pattern. The designs are created with branches and leaves that are incorporated with the Oak Tree to form an interlaced pattern of Celtic knotwork. There is a circle around the tree creating what we call the Celtic Tree of Life, which is also depicted in our Celtic Tree of Life Jewelry.

 Our Celtic Tree of Life jewelry collection offers necklaces, pendants, rings and bracelets. Our finely crafted jewelry pieces are often combined with other symbols such as the trinity or triskele knot. Besides the aesthetically pleasing designs and appearance of this Celtic Tree of Life jewelry, the Celtic Tree of Life symbol has a much deeper meaning that goes back thousands of years.  

Not only did the Celtic people hold this symbol in high regard in their everyday way of life, but many other cultures did as well. They believed that the Tree of Life played a key role in their everyday beliefs to have peace and calmness and represented life and death. The Celtic Tree of Life was most influential with the Celts or also known as the Norse. The Irish, or Gaelics, Christians, Islamic, Asians, and Persians also found the Tree of Life symbol to be of the upmost importance in their cultures as well.

The Celtic Tree of Life of Tree of Life symbolizes the continuous connection to the world with the idea in mind that all living things are connected, and that we are all part of the same cycle of life. Wearing the Tree of Life symbol in our Celtic jewelry, is a beautiful way to carry this powerful symbol with you wherever your travels may take you, and to always serve as a reminder of your personal connection with this earth in which we live. Whatever it means to you spiritually, you will love our Tree of Life jewelry collection.

The meaning for the Tree of Life runs so deep and significant in the Celtic and Irish cultures that it continues to be used in some of the most popular jewelry, artwork, and even tattoos in today’s modern world. Fun fact: The Celtic Tree of Life symbol has become one of the most a sought-after tattoo designs. In my opinion, it epitomizes the continuity and connection of the symbol and what it represents.

Now that you know a little history behind the Celtic Tree of Life and how it is represented in our Celtic Tree of Life jewelry collection, what are you waiting for? 

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