Our Celtic Knot Ring collection is a great way to symbolize friendship, love, or loyalty to that special someone in your life and all around the world. The Celtic Knot Ring is unique and very recognizable because of their specific designs and Irish flair. Celtic Knot rings have now become very popular worldwide as a token of love in marriage ceremonies due to the meaning behind the endless knot. It’s also known as a love knot. Our Celtic Knot wedding bands are simply stunning for both men and women. Our Celtic Knot Ring collection is a reminder that the possibilities are “endless”.

Our Celtic Knot Ring collection has all the classic and alluring charm that you are looking for and that is the epitome of Irish culture and traditions. We take pride in our work and hope you enjoy our Celtic Irish jewelry. Our products are truly high-quality pieces of art. The Celtic knot ring has many unique variations. So if you're considering purchasing a Celtic Knot ring, or a piece of Celtic Jewelry, you might as well know what types of knots there are so you can impress your friends when they ask, "Is that a Celtic knot?" After all, we know that it is a knot since it appears in so many Celtic Jewelry designs.

Celtic knots are very popular and deeply connected to the Celts. Which is why we call it the Celtic Knot. The knot is interwoven with other knots and appears in all type of Celtic Art including jewelry and our Celtic Knot rings.

The knot started with the Romans, but the Irish Celts perfected it and soon became their own symbolism along with other designs, somewhere around 600 AD. The Celtic Knot became so popular that it was used quite often in Christian manuscripts as well as other biblical writings. They were used to mark the first letters of each chapter in their writings. The Monks in the monasteries used the knots as well.  Around the 8th century, Celtic Knots were used on the Irish Crosses or also known as the Celtic Cross.

Celtic Knots are also known as the endless knots. A Celtic Knot is made up of various knots overlapping one another or interwoven knots that don’t have a clear start or end. This is why our Celtic Knot Ring collection is so popular. Our Celtic Knot Ring collection is timeless and beautiful just like the Celts intended the knots to be.

Celtic knots are created by using one or more interlaced strands or can be used to create a single thread in a Celtic knot. Celtic knots can be classified into several primary categories, many of which may be familiar to you given their current popularity and allure. The preservation of the art form and peoples' continued appreciation and celebration of the Celtic Knots are precisely what shows us the beauty of Celtic knots. Elaborated on below are the various Celtic knot styles.

  • Trinity Knot
  • Celtic Spiral Knot
  • Sailor’s Celtic Knot
  • Dara Knot
  • Shield Knot
  • Celtic Cross
  • Solomons
  • Celtic Love

Now that you know a little history of the Celtic Knots and the different styles of knots, shop our collections of Celtic Knot Ring and Celtic Jewelry now. We ship worldwide and we ALWAYS have free shipping to the US and Canada. We provide excellent customer service, and we have one of the best 5-Year Money Back Guarantees in the online business. We hope you enjoy our Celtic Knot Ring collection as much as we do. So, what are you waiting for? Order your beautiful piece of hand-crafted Celtic Jewelry today.

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