Each piece from our Clover Jewelry collection is designed to bring its wearer luck, wealth, and fortitude. The tradition of wearing Clover jewelry dates back many years. It is without question the luckiest symbol in the world. You may find lucky charms in our Clover Jewelry collection in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Our Clover Jewelry is expertly handcrafted, and each piece has its own special charm.

The leaves of a clover are the only plant in existence that are more well-known and significant than the flowers it produces. It is said that the three leaves of the clover symbolize the virtues of faith, hope, and love. Finding a four-leaf clover is considered a good omen. This myth contributed to the popularization of the four-leaf clovers that we see today.

It's common knowledge that finding a four-leaf clover increases one's luck. The shamrock, or clover, is widely recognized as the national symbol of Ireland. These days, most people think of St. Patrick's Day when they see a clover. It is also the logo for Elon Musk's SpaceX project and the widely popular Notre Dame football team, the Fighting Irish. Yet, the Clover represents a great deal more than just luck and fortune. One of the oldest proverbs in Ireland goes something like, "to live in clover," which means to be wealthy and enjoy a life of ease and comfort.

Interesting fact: On March 17, the feast day of St. Patrick, those of Irish heritage traditionally celebrate by donning green clover leaves. People of different backgrounds and cultures celebrate St. Patrick's Day by donning green in the hopes of attracting prosperity and good fortune from the clover.

It's also possible to associate the clover with a happy marriage. Historically, the lucky color green and the symbol of the four-leafed clover have been associated with love, marriage, and fertility. According to folklore, seeing four leaves of a clover in a dream signifies a long and fruitful marriage. It was once believed in several parts of Europe, that the first man to enter a room where a four-leaf clover was placed would become the bride's husband.

The Clover flower is also a symbol of hope. It became a symbol to represent hope because clover sometimes grew, and can grow, in places where it had never existed before. Thus, representing a “glimmer” of hope. Since the time of Adam and Eve, the clover has been portrayed as a holy and magical or protective sign. There's a myth that when God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, Eve grabbed a four-leaf clover on the way out. If a lucky individual came upon a four-leaf clover, they would essentially own a piece of heaven.

One of the most prominent Celtic emblems of Paganism is the Celtic triskelion. The three leaves of the Clover flower are considered to have been the inspiration for the shape of the symbol. Our Celtic jewelry collections feature this design.

Another interesting fact: Did you know that the probability of discovering a four-leaf clover is one in ten thousand? There is only one known species of the “lucky” four-leaf clover, and that is of the white clover flower. The greater the total number of leaves, the less likely it is that you will ever come across such a specimen. More than four leaves on a clover are quite unusual. Traditional medicine also makes use of the clover flower. Clover tea was traditionally used to treat respiratory ailments and stings from insects in Ireland. Clover smoked from a pipe was said to relieve a toothache according to local folklore on the Island of Man.

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