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Sterling Silver Rose Quartz Ring - Chakra Jewelry - Pear Shaped Rose Quartz Ring

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Experience the beauty of nature and the embodiment of love with our Sterling Silver Pear Shaped Genuine Rose Quartz Ring. This meticulously handcrafted piece of jewelry is designed for those who appreciate elegance and the power of gemstones in their style.

Our Pear Shaped Rose Quartz Ring is cast from high-quality sterling silver, known for its luster, durability, and timeless appeal. Its centerpiece is a delicately cut genuine Rose Quartz, taking the form of a pear or teardrop. This romantic pink stone, skillfully encased in silver, captures light wonderfully and adds an irresistible, soft glow to any outfit.

Rose Quartz, often referred to as the 'Heart Stone,' is not just a beautiful gem but also carries significant meaning. This unique crystal is known for its properties of universal love and harmony, promoting self-love, friendship, and deep inner healing. When you wear our Sterling Silver Pear Shaped Rose Quartz Ring, you don't just wear a piece of jewelry – you embrace a talisman of love and positivity.

Suitable for daily wear or as a sophisticated addition to your special occasion attire, thisring truly shines when matched with a complimenting bracelet or necklace. The Sterling Silver Pear Shaped Genuine Rose Quartz Ring is more than a statement piece, it’s a conversation starter. It's an excellent choice for those who love their jewelry to reflect their personality and feelings.

Attract more love, bring more harmony into your life, and enjoy the enchanting beauty of this rose quartz ring. Purchase this Sterling Silver Pear Shaped Genuine Rose Quartz Ring today, and step into a world of elegance, grace, and positive energy. Add a splash of color and meaning to your jewelry collection. Let the magic of rose quartz touch your life and style.

Note: Rose Quartz, being a natural stone, may have variations in color. These unique characteristics enhance the beauty of the product and truly make it one of a kin

The Specs:

.925 sterling silver
1 - 9 x 14mm pear rose quartz cabochon
Open bezel
2mm half round ring band
100% handcrafted
Made in the US
Ethically sourced materials

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