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This beautifully handcrafted 7 Chakras Necklace pendant featured in our Chakra Necklace collection is a must have for your Chakra Jewelry collection.  This unique Chakra Necklace is hand made with crystal gemstones and natural minerals, which makes each individual Chakra Necklace have different appearances. Each one is unique, and it is a one-of-a-kind piece. 

During the process of making this Chakra Necklace pendant, natural characteristics like the inner ice cracks, exterior stone designs, pits, trachoma and chromatic aberrations are generated. This is a crucial component that bestows upon us the splendor of nature as well as the imprints of nature. Because of this imperfection, the natural beauty is more vividly reflected, despite the fact that it is impossible to hide the signs of his growth.

Chakra Jewelry brings unique characteristics and healing power to our bodies. This healing power also restores the life force. Our Chakra Necklace collections feature different stones and designs. Each stone is unique and has different properties. The Chakra stones can also generate very strong and powerful vibrations.  Here is the purpose and meaning behind each Chakra stone:

Red Jasper – The Red Jasper is a stone of life force, courage, and arousal of the spirit for living.

Carnelian – The Carnelian is a stone that inspires new ideas and increases stamina.

Calcite – The Calcite stone maintains hormone equilibrium and alleviates timidity.

Aventurine - Aventurine, a healing stone that increases metabolism and helps repair internal organs.

Turquoise - The healing properties of turquoise include fostering compassion for oneself and increasing mental acuity.

Lapis lazuli - Lapis lazuli encourages clairvoyance and facilitates the development of new perspectives.

Amethyst - The amethyst stone aids in tracing the origins of emotional and physical discord.

Shop our Celtic Chakra Necklace Collection here: Chakra Necklace – Celtic-IrishJewelry

Our one-of-a-kind 7 Chakras Necklace pendant in our Chakra Necklace collection will make the perfect gift for any of your loved ones, on any special occasion. You can feel confident wearing our 7 Chakra pendant or any other pieces in our Chakra Jewelry collection. 

We at Celtic Irish Jewelry would be honored if you choose to purchase one of our unique lines of high-quality jewelry pieces for any occasion. Why not treat yourself to this very unique and beautiful designed Chakra necklace today? 

Important Note to Remember Before Purchasing:

Due to the raw natural materials being used with this product, tiny bubbles and impurities may possibly be generated during the production process which is part of the handcrafted beauty and craftmanship of this pendant. These pendants are made of natural crystal, crushed stone, agate crushed stone and handmade synthetic crystal resin.

The Specs:

Material: Handmade crystal acrylic, natural crystal, crushed stone, agate crushed stone 

Style: European and American

Style: Unisex

Popular elements: Geometry

Gram weight: About 11-16 grams

Package Content:
1 x Pendant Only

Pendant size approximately: 4.5*1*0.8


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