Our Celtic Ring collection symbolizes friendship, love, and loyalty worldwide. Our Celtic Ring collection is unique because a Celtic Ring is very recognizable due to their specific designs and Irish flair.  With special designs, our Celtic Ring collection can grant a number of exceptional meanings for the wearer. For example, Celtic rings had been historically made from gold and had been worn as an image of friendship centuries ago.

Celtic rings have been around as early as 300-100 BC. They are recognizable through their special three-part diagram and have origins in the rugged Irish coast. Though they have been made of gold except any customized engravings, today, rings are up to date to suit a greater contemporary lifestyle whilst nonetheless holding their unique cause and meaning.

Like many Irish traditions, Celtic rings are often passed down from generation to generation. The most popular being the Claddagh ring. The Celtic Claddagh ring is an historic heirloom first made in 14-century Ireland. It was once cherished like a treasure and surpassed down from mom to daughter for generations. To this day, it is still the most popular of all Celtic rings. This is because they are still exceptionally fancy and timeless in design, but additionally very symbolic.

Celtic rings are frequently known as Celtic wedding ceremony rings or Claddagh rings. The best-known image of a Claddagh image is two hands holding a heart and a crown on top of the heart. Ireland and its Celtic history have deep meaning for whomever is a wearer, or bearer of the Claddagh ring because it means friendship, love, and loyalty. 

Celtic rings are special for a number of reasons. One being on how the ring is worn and the meaning behind the ring. A token in marriage ceremonies, frequently being introduced by means of fathers to their daughters when they grew to be bride tradesmen in courtship agreements. As time went on – the contemporary take on these romantic traditions confirmed that the Claddagh had retained its region and superiority as one of Ireland’s best gifts.

The Celtic wedding ceremony band is one of the most stunning symbols that beautify the arms of many individuals, however all too often, human beings expect Celtic rings are simply for women. This is now not true! Modern men’s Celtic rings provide an exceptional aggregate of symbols, such as knots and love hearts, which work flawlessly with a household birthstone positioned proper in the middle. A Celtic ring can serve as a remarkable reminder for these who are notably proud to be Irish descendants or have cherished ones with or without Irish roots.

Our Celtic Irish Jewelry has that classic and alluring charm that you are looking for and that is the epitome of Irish culture and traditions. We take pride in our work and hope you enjoy our Celtic Irish jewelry. Our products are truly high-quality pieces of art.

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